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Was Reynosa Massacre Real?

According to the McAllen Monitor as reported by Ildefonso Ortiz on 3/11/13, “Fear and panic filled the streets of Reynosa on Sunday night as rival gunmen battled during a three-hour firefight that saw automatic weapons and grenades used.” According to … Continue reading

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Massacre in Reynosa?

Last Sunday night several different South Texas sources reported that there was a massive gunfight in various parts of Reynosa, directly across from McAllen, Texas.  As many as 40 or more deaths were reported, according to the Brownsville Herald. If … Continue reading

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Lecciones Aprendidas: Cheech y Chong en la brecha de seguridad en Y-12

Por Lee Maril (Traducido por Juan F. López) El 28 de julio del 2012, una monja de de 82 años de edad y sus dos cómplices – ambos personas de la tercera edad – irrumpieron en el cacareado y supuestamente … Continue reading

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Not Again: Is the New Border Sensor Program Also a Boondoggle?

Last week it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security stated that advanced border ground sensors would not be produced until “…the next six to nine months” (Robert Beckhusen, “Homeland Security Delays Plan to Place Sensors on U.S.-Mexico Border”, … Continue reading

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Napolitano Declares El Paso Border Is Safe

Yesterday Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared the border at El Paso safe.  She relied on the statistics provided to her by Customs and Border Patrol as well as a national survey ranking El Paso as the “safest … Continue reading

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Special House Group Revealed on Immigration Bill

The New York Times reported yesterday that there is a bipartisan group of House Congresspersons working on an immigration bill.  The special bipartisan group is composed of Representatives Gutierrez, Becerra, Lofgren, Yarmuth, Carter, Diaz-Balart, Johnson, and Labrador.  The group, which … Continue reading

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No culpen al guardia de seguridad en Y-12

Por: Robert Lee Maril y Rachael Lee Traducido por: Juan F. López Mientras parece que se le ha aplicado un torniquete a la cobertura corriente principal de la noticia de la violación de seguridad en el Complejo de Seguridad Nacional … Continue reading

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Bechtel at the Y-12 Security Breach

After Sister Megan Rice, age 82, and two confederates, both senior citizens, too — the three were armed with nothing but wire cutters and flashlights — broke into the Y-12 Nuclear Complex at Oakridge, Tennessee, in the predawn hours of … Continue reading

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The Obama Record on Immigration

The second inauguration of President Obama today is an event that will be long remembered.  But if our President really desires a meaningful historical legacy in the area of human rights, he will provide capable leadership on realistic immigration reform. … Continue reading

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NNSA and Contractors’ ‘Nuclear Safety Culture’ Spawns Y-12 Breach

It was the security guard who first arrested Sister Rice and her two accomplices who was immediately identified by name and fired after the Y-12 security breach.  This in spite of the fact that the Y-12 nuclear facility is described … Continue reading

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