Fast and Furious: The AFT Scandal Waltzes towards the November Elections

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The AFT Operation “Fast and Furious” continues to whirl around the floor faster and faster.  But to date this political scandal still retains the stately pace of a controlled waltz rather than slam dancing.  This will not last.

In a recent report by the Democratic Party one side of the aisle lobs a few mortar rounds at their Republican opposition on the other.  The scandal all started several months ago when Republican Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Charles Grassley revealed that AFT agents had been ordered by AFT supervisors in Arizona not to arrest known gun smugglers caught in the act.  In short the gun smugglers were buying large amounts of weapons from local retailers in large quantities, then reselling them to third parties who disappeared with the weapons in tow. AFT agents were ordered, in the name of building a stronger case against criminal higher ups, to let them walk away with the weapons.

Two of these same weapons were found at the scene where CBP agent Brian Terry was killed.  While the numbers seems to range depending on who tells the tale, thousands of automatic weapons are now believed to be in the hands of Mexican narco-trafficantes  and American-based criminals.   So far there have been very limited resignations or firings, but the landings of these ranking officials have been soft; one reassigned while the other quickly found lucrative employment elsewhere.

The Democrats argue that the scandal was limited to the AFT, the Republicans that the culprits are the highest officials in Obama’s Department of Justice.

In this newest report the Democrats provide a glimpse of further problems along with information as yet not revealed.  The Dems now report this same operational tactic of letting the criminals at the lowest rung of the ladder go free to build a tough case against the criminals at the top of the heap goes all the back to 2006.  They cite several cases which mimic the tactics of Operation Fast and Furious: designed to catch the drug smugglers at the top of the criminal food chain, AFT agents fail to maintain control over weapons purchased in the U.S.

The Dems suggest, in other words, that the Bush Administration is as equally culpable, if not more so, as the Obama Administration.

There will be rebuttal from the Republicans.  The party of the elephant will respond in an unhurried way, the same way as the party of the mule.   Both parties are in fact dancing to the tune of the primaries and the general election: this is a politicized dance which has already lost sight of some of the more important implications of Operation Fast and Furious.

At this rate we can expect the Fast and Furious waltz to turn into a bloody mosh in the weeks just before voters decide who will be our next President.

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