1,230 Times the Waste of the General Services Administration Scandal

There’s no question that the General Services Administration (GSA) lavish spending of $823,000 is a waste of taxpayers money.  There is not the slightest reason for the GSA to spend so much money on a training conference at a Las Vegas Resort. And everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Jon Stewart has skewered the expensive shrimp cocktail and all the rest of the stupidities that were the indulgences the GSA squandered on itself.

The fact that a video has now emerged in which an employee raps on this excessive spending is a further demonstration in a time of economic recession of the bulbous hubris thriving at the GSA.  The ax has now fallen as upper management has been fired or allowed to resign and to date eight employees have been put on leave.

Congressional hearings, at least three of them, are also on the near horizon.  The waste of money by the GAO, almost a million dollars, has been exposed for all to see; undoubtedly now each political party will outdo themselves in critiquing this wanton bureaucratic excess now that Mr. Santorum has officially withdrawn from the race.

But hold on a minute!  Where was this same national media when Boeing, Inc., wasted 1,000 times more than the GSA, more than a billion dollars, on a virtual border wall that never worked.  All the government agencies investigating Boeing’s work came to the same conclusion: Boeing’s promised virtual wall was a no-show.

And what about Raytheon? Its monster-sized device, called a spectroscopic portal, was supposed to catch the bad guys radioactive dirty bombs at our Ports of Entry.  After a few years of taking their paycheck, Raytheon never did the job it promised.  Raytheon walked away with a check of 230 times what GSA wasted on their Las Vegas party.

So let’s do the math.  Should our Congress be taking up its valuable time with an investigation already completed, or should it do the job it was elected to do-provide fiscal oversight of federal government spending-at the tune of wasted taxpayers dollars that is more than 1,230 times ($1.23 billion) that of the current GSA folly?  You be the judge.

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