Tragedy at Naco

The news that one Border Patrol agent has been killed and another wounded near Naco, Arizona, is both tragic and alarming.  It is being reported that agents were on horseback and were ambushed by three to four gunmen.  If these early accounts turn out to be accurate, then not only should the death of one agent and the wounding of another remind the public of the risks CBP agents run each shift of every day and night, but also emphasize the mounting violence aimed at CBP agents along the Mexican border.

The blatant attempt by Senator Charles E. Grassley to reap political advantage as the national elections draw near speaks for itself.  Senator Grassley’s concerns have already been addressed by a federal report on Operation Fast and Furious.

So contrary to Senator Grassley’s written response to the tragic events near Naco, this is not the time to seek more votes for your favorite candidate or party. Rather it is the exact time to provide support and care to the families of both CBP agents who were shot and, at the same time, track down and bring to justice all who are responsible for this hideous crime.

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