Shooting From a Helicopter?

Last Thursday a Texas state trooper fired at what he believed to be a truck smuggling illegal drugs across the border near La Joya, Texas.  The Texas state trooper fired at the truck’s tires in order to stop it as the truck was being chased through the brush and scrub which surround La Joya.  He shot at the truck tires from a helicopter (AP, New York Times, p. 22, 10/28/12.)

Eight suspects were arrested in the truck. Not including two illegal Guatemalan immigrants who were killed, apparently from the crash when the driver lost control of his vehicle.  The Texas state trooper who fired from the helicopter was put on administrative leave, which is the usual procedure.  No drugs were found in the truck.

This event is a travesty of American justice.  Professional law enforcers like the Border Patrol would never ever attempt to shoot from a helicopter at a speeding truck carrying drugs: this whole scenario is beyond belief.

The interdiction policies of the Texas state police immediately must be carefully reviewed and those responsible punished to the full extent of the law.  If indeed shooting at the tires of a suspected truck carrying drugs is permissible under the existing policy of the Texas state police at this time, then all those who put in place and permitted such a ridiculous and unprofessional policy bear full responsibility for this tragedy.

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