Tuesday’s Elections

Tuesday’s elections come at a momentous time, a time when the country is clearly divided by those who continue to grow in wealth and those who are stagnating or falling increasingly into poverty.  Although there are those who firmly believe that global warming is a myth, the impact of Sandy is very real; however,  it remains to be seen to what extent Sandy may be spun into just an “extreme” weather event rather than what it in fact appears to be-a product of global warming.

There is, besides an income gap, repeated evidence of racism throughout our society.  Then there is the issue of government-sponsored medical care for all Americans and how to best deliver it. The list goes on and on….two diametrically opposed parties and constituencies with little in agreement except pieces of American foreign policy.

Lurking in the background  are the Super Pacs, a first, that are undermining our democracy.  This election, as suggested by many, has been “post-truth”, a version of Steven Colbert’s “truthiness”.  Both sides were guilty of neglecting facts in the name of electing their slate.

There are many Americans who believe President Obama must be replaced, that he has done little to nothing for this country over his first term.  At the same time, it seems clear now that the Republicans seem much more interested in the welfare of their own party and its agenda than the best interests of the country as a whole.

If this is not the case, then the Republicans will have plenty of time to demonstrate their intentions if Romney is elected Tuesday night.  And if Romney loses, then the Republicans will have four years to show that they care less about “anybody but Obama”, more about the future of every American regardless of party affiliation.

Who holds the highest office in this country does matter.  Soon we will know who that will be. I continue to hope that these momentous elections will not be decided by anyone but the voters.

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