Another Drug Kingpin Hits the Dust

The Associated Press reported today in the New York Times that the brother of drug cartel leaders Miguel Angel and Oscar Omar Trevino Morales is headed for a 20 year prison sentence. Jose Trevino Morales was convicted in Texas of investing $16 million of Mexican drug cartel money in legitimate businesses in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Specializing in the horse racing industry, Jose Trevino Morales used drug money in all aspects of the horse racing industry and fixed certain races.

Once again we should be reminded of two aspects of this case which should be emphasized within the context of our failed War on Drugs. The first is that undoubtedly Jose Trevino Morales will be immediately replaced: our strategy of cutting off the heads of criminal organizations continues to prove relatively useless.

And secondly, drug money continues to flow back into this country where it undermines legitimates business and commerce.

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