Major Reorg at CBP

As the result of an unprecedented scandal at CBP IA during the summer of 2014, CBP has finally announced a new and major reorganization. Two new offices have been created and two new CBP executive positions have been created to lead these new offices.

CBP appears to still be searching for ways to insure that an in-house agency will never again turn against it. Tomsheck’s special unit at CBP IA, the Integrity Program Division, developed a series of programs while directed by Janine Corrado and Assistant Director Jeffrey Matta, that ran counter to CBP strategic goals and objectives. One result was that hundreds of cases alleging employee abuses languished at the Integrity Program Division and remain in limbo for victims, their families, and the public.

The Integrity Program Division also invented new programs that spied upon their own and other CBP employees. No CBP employees have been held accountable for these and other serious mismanagement issues.

The internal report about the scandal at CBP IA still has not been released.

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