What the New CBP Reorg Really Means

The new reorg at CBP includes two new departments.  Operations Support and Enterprise Services in theory are intended to make CBP more efficient and generally less prone to internal problems.  This new reorg is most probably another reaction to the unprecedented scandal emerging from the resignation, then forced retirement, of James Tomsheck in the summer of 2014, and the revelations revealed since then about CBP employees and leadership.

But whether the new reorg actually makes any real difference is to a great degree going to be based upon the quality of the new leadership at CBP.  If the leadership culture remains unchanged, then fundamental problems within the agency-including corruption, violence, and graft-will stay the same.

In the meantime, CBP can do much to redeem itself by simply becoming more transparent.  It could start, for example, by openly responding to the recent GAO report substantiating Raytheon’s protest that Elbit should not, for several reasons, have received the CBP bid to build a new border surveillance system. According to testimony, Elbit is already behind schedule.  No one wants to see another failed SBI-net boondoggle, but Elbit already appears to be duplicating Boeing’s previous errors.

The public deserves better.




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