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Tomsheck’s SAREX

The SAREX program initiated by Mr. James Tomsheck in March 2011, and supervised by Janine Corrado and Jeffrey Matta at the Integrity Program Division, is another example of Customs and Border Patrol Internal Affairs breaking federal law and agency policy … Continue reading

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The Unusual Border Deaths

On October 25th, 2012, two illegal immigrants from Guatemala, Jose Leonardo Coj Cumar and Marco Antonio Castro, died from shots fired by a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper.  Trooper Miguel Avila also wounded a third immigrant. What is “unusual” … Continue reading

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Fundamentals about Immigration We Should Never Forget

There will undoubtedly be colorful debate in the Senate next month as the Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to approve the new immigration policy proposed by the Gang of Eight. The 13 to 5 bipartisan vote was no small political achievement … Continue reading

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Seguridad en la Frontera: ¿Habrá sido real la balacera que mato a 40 en la Frontera de México?

Por Lee Maril (Traducido por Juan F. López) Parece ser que solamente en la imaginación de los políticos en Washington es donde la violencia por el tráfico de drogas termina en la frontera de México. Un ejemplo: reporteros mexicanos, por … Continue reading

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Mexican Border Deaths are a National Disgrace

The Border Patrol reported last week that 477 immigrants died attempting to gain illegal entry along our Mexican border.  According to the Border Patrol, this is a 27% increase over the preceding year. Although fewer undocumented immigrants are seeking entry … Continue reading

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Was Reynosa Massacre Real?

According to the McAllen Monitor as reported by Ildefonso Ortiz on 3/11/13, “Fear and panic filled the streets of Reynosa on Sunday night as rival gunmen battled during a three-hour firefight that saw automatic weapons and grenades used.” According to … Continue reading

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Napolitano Declares El Paso Border Is Safe

Yesterday Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declared the border at El Paso safe.  She relied on the statistics provided to her by Customs and Border Patrol as well as a national survey ranking El Paso as the “safest … Continue reading

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Terrorists Beware: Americans Are Training on Resiliency Modules

On the same day that terrorists eleven years ago demolished the twin towers in New York, brought havoc to the Pentagon, and downed a passenger plane in the fields of Pennsylvania, I was still thinking about Sunday’s article in the … Continue reading

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23 en un Camión

(A favor, comparte con amigos este blog sobre temas de la frontera, la immigracion, y eventos corrientes.  Translated by Jessie Hollingsworth originally posted 7/6/12.) Mientras el “Undocu-bus” pasó por Denver, Colorado el viernes pasado en camino a la convención democrático … Continue reading

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23 in One Pickup Truck

As the “Undocu-Bus” passed through Denver, Colorado, last Friday on its way to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, a reasonable person might ask what all this political theater is really about.  Can this group of avowed undocumented workers … Continue reading

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