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23 in One Pickup Truck

As the “Undocu-Bus” passed through Denver, Colorado, last Friday on its way to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, a reasonable person might ask what all this political theater is really about.  Can this group of avowed undocumented workers … Continue reading

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Abre los ojos: México no es el único país lisiado por soborno y corrupción.

(A favor, comparte con amigos este blog sobre temas de la frontera, la immigracion, y eventos corrientes.  Translated by Jessie Hollingsworth originally posted 5/20/12.) El artículo en el New York Times por Randal C. Archibold describiendo uno de los peores … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real: Mexico is not the only country crippled by graft and corruption

Today’s article by Randal C. Archibold in the New York Times describing one of the worst cases of corruption in the Mexican army is, at best, extremely alarming.  This especially is the case because it is this same institution charged … Continue reading

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The Border Patrol’s New National Strategy: Measuring What?

Just two weeks ago the Border Patrol launched its new national strategy in hearings before Congress.  Surprisingly the national media seem less than interested in the BP’s newest national strategy since 2004 which will, according to the Border Patrol, cover … Continue reading

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The Border Patrol’s New National Strategy: Lipstick on a Javelina

There’s a lot in CBP’s “2012-2016 Border Patrol National Strategy” to digest.  For starters there are two major goals, the first with five objectives, the second with three.  All this is sandwiched between numerous color photographs reminiscent of university textbooks … Continue reading

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The Border Patrol’s “New” National Strategy as of Tuesday

First the good news.  At least I think it’s good, but it’s hard to say.  The Border Patrol has, at least sort of, announced a “new” National Strategy, it’s first since 2004.  That may mean it is discarding some of … Continue reading

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El 2012 no puede fallar pared virtual de la frontera: dale como lo mismo cuando DHS pedió propuestas para su tercer pared virtual de la frontera

(Translated by Jessie Hollingsworth. Originally posted on April 18th.) DHS le prometió que no lo hacía otro vez, pero lo hizo.  La semana pasada, Martes, DHS reveló ofertas por so tercer pared virtual de la frontera entre el EEUU y … Continue reading

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The First Victim at the New Border Wall was not Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas, It Was the Professional Training of Customs and Border Protection Agents

The media images of Anastasio Hernández-Rojas being beaten on March 30, 2010, by a group of CBP agents are very, very disturbing.  As I suggested previously, at the very least I certainly hope that the Internal Affair’s unit of Customs … Continue reading

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The 2012 Can’t Fail New Virtual Border Wall: Here We Go Again as DHS Requests Proposals for Its THIRD Virtual Border Wall Failure

DHS promised that it would not to it again, but it did.  Last week, Tuesday, DHS let out bids on its THIRD virtual border wall along the Mexican border. DHS did this after making repeated big promises that it would … Continue reading

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NYT se pasó por el punto otra vez: el crimen de la frontera tiene impacto en ambos lados

(translated by Jessie Hollingsworth) Posted on March 20 NYT Misses the Point Again: Border Crime Impacts Both Sides Cuando yo iniciaba a pensar que el articulo este domingo en el New York Times sobre el crimen de la frontera lo tenía … Continue reading

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