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The Next Debate between Candidates for Vice President

After the farce last week between Trump and Bidden, my hope is that both candidates for the Vice President of their party will abide by the rules and actually debate their policy positions.  There are major differences between both party … Continue reading

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Pero, ¿quién está vigilando a la Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP)?

Posteado el 20 de Junio de 2020 por Lee Maril Hace más de dos años atrás, el Presidente Trump envió a la Guardia Nacional hacia nuestra frontera con México (para más información vea mi blog del año 2018 que encontrará … Continue reading

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BORTAC Is Not Following the Rules

BORTAC, the Border Patrol’s international swat team, is not following the regulations and standards in Portland which are required by CBP and DHS.  A broad review of CBP and DHS government documents demonstrates that BORTAC, for whatever reasons, has no … Continue reading

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But Who Is Watching CBP?

More than two years ago (see my 2018 blog below) President Trump sent the National Guard to our Mexican border.  I questioned then, as I do now, whether that was a good strategic decision or just another attempt to generate … Continue reading

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Sending National Guard to the Mexican Border Does Not Make Sense

by Lee Maril President Trump’s recent decision to send the National Guard to the Mexican borderlands does not make good sense.  The National Guard are trained soldiers, but have little training in guarding an international border, speaking Spanish, immigration law, … Continue reading

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The Border Patrol Needs to Hire, Retain, Mentor, Promote More Female Agents

In 2016 the percentage of female agents remains at 5% although the Border Patrol continues to attempt to recruit additional women.  Somehow this process just never seems to work very well, neither the recruiting, the retaining, the mentoring, or promoting … Continue reading

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The Business Side of Customs and Border Protection

The business side of what Customs and Border Patrol does and does not do is extremely important. While both political parties debate policy, one unaddressed but fundamental question is this: how efficient is CBP in getting new technologies to its … Continue reading

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Another Big Earthquake Hits Oklahoma

Saturday’s 5.8 earthquake in Oklahoma is a sobering reminder, a cautionary tale, that recent emergency attempts by the Oklahoma legislature, the governor, and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to resolve the problem may have failed. The OCC provided key leadership in … Continue reading

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How We Treat Our Returning Disabled Veterans Matters

When our military men and women enlist, they promise to uphold certain obligations that are expected of them. These obligations at a personal level are frequently extremely challenging for them to live up to. In return, our military institutions also … Continue reading

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Why We Should Keep an Eye on Oklahoma Earthquakes

Two reasons. First, the frequency and intensity of Oklahoma earthquakes have grown dramatically in the last few years. In both the northwest and the central part of the state these increases are directly tied to the injection wells required for … Continue reading

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