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Upon the Senate Finally Passing Immigration Reform Last Thursday

Simply put, it’s filled with problems and issues but much better than nothing.  This bill is a place to start, where the House, also more than aware that the system is broken, can bring its best ideas to the bill. … Continue reading

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Fundamentals about Immigration We Should Never Forget

There will undoubtedly be colorful debate in the Senate next month as the Judiciary Committee voted yesterday to approve the new immigration policy proposed by the Gang of Eight. The 13 to 5 bipartisan vote was no small political achievement … Continue reading

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Special House Group Revealed on Immigration Bill

The New York Times reported yesterday that there is a bipartisan group of House Congresspersons working on an immigration bill.  The special bipartisan group is composed of Representatives Gutierrez, Becerra, Lofgren, Yarmuth, Carter, Diaz-Balart, Johnson, and Labrador.  The group, which … Continue reading

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The Obama Record on Immigration

The second inauguration of President Obama today is an event that will be long remembered.  But if our President really desires a meaningful historical legacy in the area of human rights, he will provide capable leadership on realistic immigration reform. … Continue reading

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Double Travesty of Justice from a Helicopter

Two issues among many immediately raise their ugly heads when I think of the senseless deaths of two illegal immigrants near La Joya, Texas.  The first is that the Texas Department of Public Safety thinks it knows more about stopping … Continue reading

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Parsing the President’s State of the Union: What Happened to Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Last night there was much to praise in President Obama’s State of the Union Address, including attention to our troubled economy and what appears to be a sterner approach to Congressional bullies who do not understand the word “compromise”.  But … Continue reading

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Un Cuento de Una Mujer: Parte siete sobre los secretos turbios de la Patrulla Fronteriza

(Originally posted August 14, 2011, in English) Desde que era niña, agente de la patrulla fronteriza Nora Munoz (no su nombre real) siempre quería ser policía.  Después de graduarse de la Academia de la patrulla fronteriza en 1997 Nora creía … Continue reading

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What President Obama Forgot to Say in El Paso

When President Obama flew to El Paso this week, he spoke in front of a friendly crowd of supporters who, nevertheless, were not pleased with everything he had to say in his first major speech on immigration in a long, … Continue reading

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Congress Is Not Entitled to Its Own Facts

These days there is much noise in Congress about immigration issues, but little listening to the real problems from informed sources.  For instance, the new chair of the House’s Homeland Security Committee, New York’s Peter King, held hearings last week … Continue reading

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The Dregs of the Minutemen

The self-styled Minutemen rose to media fame in the spring and summer of 2006 promoted by pundits like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh.  But they soon were embraced by mainstream media for bringing national attention to a porous border stretching … Continue reading

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