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Major Reorg at CBP

As the result of an unprecedented scandal at CBP IA during the summer of 2014, CBP has finally announced a new and major reorganization. Two new offices have been created and two new CBP executive positions have been created to … Continue reading

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Sentencing of Y-12 Breachers Postponed because of Snow

The three senior citizens convicted of breaching the Y-12 Security Complex at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on July 28th, 2012, were fined $52,953 in federal district court this morning in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The three, including 83 year old Sister Megan Rice … Continue reading

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Another Drug Kingpin Hits the Dust

The Associated Press reported today in the New York Times that the brother of drug cartel leaders Miguel Angel and Oscar Omar Trevino Morales is headed for a 20 year prison sentence. Jose Trevino Morales was convicted in Texas of … Continue reading

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Upon the Senate Finally Passing Immigration Reform Last Thursday

Simply put, it’s filled with problems and issues but much better than nothing.  This bill is a place to start, where the House, also more than aware that the system is broken, can bring its best ideas to the bill. … Continue reading

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Mexican Border Deaths are a National Disgrace

The Border Patrol reported last week that 477 immigrants died attempting to gain illegal entry along our Mexican border.  According to the Border Patrol, this is a 27% increase over the preceding year. Although fewer undocumented immigrants are seeking entry … Continue reading

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23 in One Pickup Truck

As the “Undocu-Bus” passed through Denver, Colorado, last Friday on its way to the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, a reasonable person might ask what all this political theater is really about.  Can this group of avowed undocumented workers … Continue reading

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Going on a blog break this summer. Be back with plenty to talk about 7/24/12. RLM

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What Seattle Washington and Monterrey Mexico Have in Common

The increased gun violence in Seattle is tragic.  Several national media outlets have focused their attention upon the rising rate of homicides in this city.   As of this June,  21 murder victims have been counted, the same number as all … Continue reading

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NYT Misses the Point Again: Border Crime Impacts Both Sides

Just when I thought Sunday’s The New York Times front page article on border crime was going to finally get it right, it went deadly wrong.  The story by Damien Cave, “In Mexico, A Kidnapping Ignored”, starts out strong, but … Continue reading

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Que hace Boeing a Wichita, Kansas y no quiere que sepas

(translation of post from 2/15/12) Recién terminó de crear su propio ley en la Cámara de Representantes (post 9/19/11) precedido por una sugerencia que la Junta de Relaciones de Labor no tenía el derecho a decir a Boeing que no … Continue reading

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