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Friendly Fire

Now we learn that friendly fire is the likely cause of the death of one Border Patrol agent and the wounding of another near Naco, Arizona.  Kind of makes Senator Chuck Grassley’s rush to resurrect the ghosts of the AFT’s … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious: Too Political and Too Sloppy

Was the report last week by the inspector general of the Department of Justice, Michael E. Horowitz, the last of the A.T.F.’s Fast and Furious scandal?    When all is and done, does the 471 page report by Horowitz finally put … Continue reading

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The War on Drugs, the Battle of Verdun, and Prescription Drugs

To quote novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, the campaign rhetoric has become “extremely loud and incredibly close”.  It is, therefore, an excellent time to consider a broader perspective of some seemingly unrelated recent events clouding the bipartisan horizon like swarms of … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious: The AFT Scandal Waltzes towards the November Elections

(Now Posting Every Wednesday!) The AFT Operation “Fast and Furious” continues to whirl around the floor faster and faster.  But to date this political scandal still retains the stately pace of a controlled waltz rather than slam dancing.  This will … Continue reading

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