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Tuesday’s Elections

Tuesday’s elections come at a momentous time, a time when the country is clearly divided by those who continue to grow in wealth and those who are stagnating or falling increasingly into poverty.  Although there are those who firmly believe … Continue reading

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The Impact of Sandy on the Elections?

Sandy has introduced so many new contingencies and variables in the presidential race, and all the other equally important races towards the bottom of the ballot, that it is impossible to guess its impact on elections this Tuesday. Or the … Continue reading

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Because of Sandy, Is Global Warming the “October Surprise”?

Even though it is still much too soon to quantify the extent of the damage caused by this unusual storm, Sandy is obviously a monstrous disaster. I do not wish to belabor the obvious, but with the election a week … Continue reading

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Legitimate Lawsuit or Election Ploy?

Every American citizen has the right to bring a lawsuit against Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  A case in point is that last week ten … Continue reading

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23 en un Camión

(A favor, comparte con amigos este blog sobre temas de la frontera, la immigracion, y eventos corrientes.  Translated by Jessie Hollingsworth originally posted 7/6/12.) Mientras el “Undocu-bus” pasó por Denver, Colorado el viernes pasado en camino a la convención democrático … Continue reading

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The War on Drugs, the Battle of Verdun, and Prescription Drugs

To quote novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, the campaign rhetoric has become “extremely loud and incredibly close”.  It is, therefore, an excellent time to consider a broader perspective of some seemingly unrelated recent events clouding the bipartisan horizon like swarms of … Continue reading

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What If There Was A National Election And Immigration Reform Got Left Out?

Although it’s still a little early to interpret all the clues, it looks like major immigration reform is not going to be talked about much by either President Obama or Republican candidate Mitt Romney as the fall elections heat up. … Continue reading

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